Should I migrate to the newest version?


If you still use Odoo 6.1, 7, or 8, then this article can provide an overview of the migration process to the newer versions. In most cases, it doesn’t matter which version of Odoo you use. If you can meet all business needs using the heavily customized Odoo 6.1, then there may not be a need to transition to a newer version. Therefore, the decision as to whether to upgrade or not should depend on your business goals.

However, the new versions can give you access to modern features and functions. These version are faster, use a nicer UI, and of course, they are more stable and secure than the older ones. Additionally, a lot of new free modules appear in the Odoo Community in the new versions.


We recommend to think about migration if:

  • You use Odoo 6.1/7 (Odoo 8 in some cases)
  • Needed modules are not available for the old system
  • Needed features are not available for the old system
  • There are no highly-customized modules in your system
  • You would like to increase performance
  • You would like to get modern UI
  • You want to be up-to-date

The oldest Odoo versions we recommend using right now are Odoo 9 and Odoo 8. Odoo SA doesn’t support Odoo 6.1 anymore and after Odoo 10 will be rolled out (Fall 2016), the same will be in effect for Odoo version 7.


Workflow of the migration


To prepare the system for migration, we divide all installed modules into three groups:

  • Odoo Core Modules (Odoo SA)
  • Community Modules
  • Custom modules


All users utilize the core apps in Odoo, but not everyone needs additional or custom modules (apps) from Odoo community. In this case, Odoo SA make the migration without the help from other partners. For Odoo v8 or lower versions, migration is a paid service.


Odoo Core Modules (Odoo SA)


The most problematic migration is for Odoo Core. It is not feasible to migrate from Odoo 8 to Odoo 9 without signing an Odoo Enterprise Contract. Odoo Community is working on it, but there is no information on the expected release date. To be honest, looks like it will always be at least one version behind…

It is not feasible to migrate from Odoo 8 to Odoo 9 without signing an Odoo Enterprise Contract.

Of course if you use Odoo 6.1/7/8 as a CRM, you can install Odoo Community 9 and migrate simple data using the export / import functionality. However if you use Odoo for Warehouse Management, PM, Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable, etc., you are likely to encounter problems. There are big changes in Odoo 9 core modules compared to Odoo 6.1/7/8 which require additional tools or Odoo itself for the migration process.


Community modules


If the module was migrated to Odoo 9, it can take around one hour per module to migrate. If the module was not ported to Odoo 9, then it may take additional time and fee based on the complexity of the module. Odoo SA doesn’t migrate community modules for free. Currently, the fee stands at 1000 EUR per 1000 lines of code. Generally, this operation is performed by the Odoo partner (for example VentorTech).

First, partners should identify all non-core modules. For some of these, there may be alternative features in the new Odoo version. If that’s the case, some modules will not migrate at all. On the other hand, some of the community modules have already been updated. In the worst case scenario, you may have a module which is no longer supported. The partner should migrate the module and then your data, but this service incurs costs.

Odoo upgrade

Other modules


Other modules require extra fee based on the complexity of the module. To provide an accurate and detailed estimate, we need to analyze all the processes and customizations and compare to improved processes in Odoo 9 Enterprise. Migration may take between 3 to 50 hours depending on the module’s complexity.


Costs. Lead time. Result




The cost of migration (enterprise contract) depends on a number of users. If you use Odoo 8 or lower version, Odoo S.A requires additional fee to migrate your ERP. Now, it’s half of the Enterprise contract cost for migration from v7 or v8 (onetime fee, next update is free). If you use Odoo 6.1 or lower version, please check the table below:

Migration charge (% of OE value)
< 5.0
To be approved by Odoo SA – paid analysis
7 & 8

For example, suppose you have 10 users. The cost of the Enterprise Contract is 240 EUR/user/year. That’s 2400 euros for 10 users. If you use Odoo 8, the cost of migration adds up to 1200EUR (½ of 2400EUR) or 120EUR per user . Total cost, therefore, is 360EUR/user (240+120) and 240EUR/user after the first year.


Lead time


As Odoo SA indicates, the first upgrade to version 9.0 will require some time. If you do not have any custom/community modules, the migration can take 3 to 5 weeks. If you have a highly customized system, be prepared to wait up to 12 weeks. Again, the transition time depends on your database complexity.




Now that you know how to migrate to Odoo 9, you can sign the Odoo Enterprise contract. The contract will grant you access to:

– Odoo 9 Enterprise (1-year license)
– Free update to Odoo 10 (Release in September 2016)
– Free bug fixes from vendor

You get Odoo 9 Enterprise + Odoo 10 and all bug fixes (core modules) from Odoo SA side. After the first year, you can decide whether to save the Enterprise contract or downgrade to Odoo 10 community.



  • The only way to migrate to Odoo 9 is to sign the Enterprise Contract.
  • TThe only way to migrate to Odoo 9 Community is to use export/import functionality. This is possible for “light” systems.
  • TYou can install the latest version (Odoo 9 Community) and import data if you use Odoo only as a CRM.
  • TThe cost of migration process is ½ of Odoo Enterprise value if you use Odoo 7 & 8. If you use the latest community version (Odoo 9), Odoo S.A provides the migration service for free (if you sign the enterprise contract).
  • TEnterprise Contract is 240EUR per user with the minimum cost of 1200EUR or minimum of 5 users.
  • TOdoo SA migrates all core modules and the partners migrate all community/custom modules. Advanced and quotation separately provided:
  • TAdditional works related to removing your customizations, because Odoo already developed same features or your custom features are no longer needed and valid.
  • TOdoo SA can migrate community/custom modules. The cost is 1000EUR per 1000 lines of code.

Cost of upgrade to Odoo v9

Your Current Version OpenERP 6.1 OpenERP 7.0 Odoo 7 & 8 Odoo 9 Community Odoo 10
Enterprise contract
(necessary to migrate)
€240 x # of Users €240 x # of Users €240 x # of Users €240 x # of Users €240 x # of Users
Migration by Odoo SA OE value* ½ of the Enterprise contract cost* ½ of OE value* No migration needed Free*
Community & Custom modules
(Migration by Odoo SA)
€1000 per 1000 Lines of Code €1000 per 1000 Lines of Code €1000 per 1000 Lines of Code €1000 per 1000 Lines of Code €1,000 per 1,000 Lines of Code
Community & Custom modules
(Migration by Xpansa)
€150-2500 / module €150-2500 / module €150-2500 / module €150-2500 / module 150-2500 EUR / module

* If sign Enterprise Contract before Odoo 10 is officially released, then migration to Odoo 10 will be free

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