Custom mobile apps development for your business

We create mobile applications to cover specific workflows for businesses

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Trusted by over 100 customers in over 20 industries

Custom mobile app development of any complexity

Our team of highly skilled Android and iOS developers has deep experience in business mobile app development for many industries and with countless hardware combinations

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Android and iOS mobile business apps

We provide custom mobile application development services for both Android and iOS platforms, and any device

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Get a mobile app for your specific business workflow

Every business is unique and particular business cases often need to be met with a utilitarian mobile app. We will analyze and provide you the best option for your case

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Any type of hardware integration

From barcode scanners to Bitcoin ATMs and so on. Any custom requirements: GPS tracking, barcodes/RFID, AR/VR, e-signature, IoT, offline working, etc.

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Experience quality

- Official Zebra partner
- We are the first team that developed native mobile apps for Odoo ERP
- Consulting based on our experience and end users' feedback
- Customers from more than 20 industries

The app has been a game-changer for us. It has dramatically increased our efficiency, made order picking and processing so easy. The app is very easy to use the UI is very straightforward.
Caleb Donald, Astir Australia

We handle projects on a time and materials (T&M) basis

Usually, very simple app development takes up to 100 hours. An advanced app covering your custom workflow can take 200 hours or more

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We provide discounts based on prepaid hours packages

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  • “My customer is VERY HAPPY with the app so far. They did a huge stock count last year for thousands of products, and they finished it this year around 6x faster than last year, thanks to Ventor app! They just use product info tab > scan product > update stock from the mobile app No more writing down on papers, excel files and import back. Everything is done immediately and finished. Such amazing!”
    Fabio Tielen, Owner
    Code Agency, Belgium
  • “The Ventor app has been a game changer for us. It has dramatically increased our efficiency, made order picking and processing so easy. The app is very easy to use the UI is very straightforward. Our team loves it and we are continuing improving it and the process we have, in order to get the best out of the app and to keep making our operations better.”
    Caleb Donald, Product Specialist
    Astir Australia, Australia
  • “Thanks for great support till now, we get used to Ventor app more and more as we use it very often and maybe have to purchase more both devices and licenses for our client, as there are many cases they can handle with Ventor app fast and easy.”
    Johann Wall, PM
    cube48 AG, Germany
  • “Yesterday I bought your software VENTOR and it seems to work great!”
    Filip Malfliet, Owner
    Belgian Mats BVBA, Belgium
  • “Yes we tried one and after some testing found the app very useful. We just started using scanners in our warehouse and your app is way better than the standard Odoo barcode module.”
    Sander de Waal
    Bathroom Store, Netherlands

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