Odoo Shopify connector PRO

Always keep your stock and product information from Odoo up to date in your Shopify store. Automatically get orders from Shopify to Odoo and deliver goods on time


This connector synchronizes Odoo and your Shopify e-commerce site

Created by VentorTech, an Official Odoo partner

Import your master data from Shopify to Odoo (initial import with automapping). Then, get new orders from Shopify and sync current inventory from Odoo, while also sending back tracking numbers to your customers. All of this, automatically and instantly!

This Odoo Shopify connector is compatible with Odoo Community and Enterprise from v13 and higher.

Connector for each version should be purchased separately according to Odoo store rules


Initial import to Odoo

Products, taxes, delivery and payment methods, languages

Export products. Odoo → Shopify

New products, product info and details as well as images

Sync prices and stock

Update prices and current stock to ride on the crest of the wave

Manage orders

Get orders from Shopify to Odoo instantly to immediately pick them

Tracking numbers

Export carrier tracking numbers of delivery orders to Shopify

Odoo Community and Enterprise

Works with both CE and EE (self-hosted or odoo.sh)

Easy to scale as you grow

No matter how many orders you sync per day, 10 or 10.000

Connect your Odoo and Shopify

And sync everything automatically

Shopify Odoo Initial Import

Initial Import

Easily import and automatically map all master data from Shopify to Odoo by clicking just one button: products, product variants, attributes, attribute values, categories, payment methods, initial stock, and so on

Initial Shopify → Odoo import is done only one time. Then Odoo becomes the master data system for products. The connector automatically validates if the products are correct and provides easy understandable error log

odoo shopify product export

Export products and current stock (quantity on hand) from Odoo to Shopify automatically

Shopify to Odoo orders

Get orders from your Shopify e-commerce store to your Odoo instantly after they are placed

tracking number from Odoo to Shopify

Tracking numbers

This Odoo Shopify connector automatically updates carrier tracking numbers in Shopify

Print shipping labels >

Process orders faster and deliver on time

With a Shopify Odoo integration from VentorTech

TRY the app Now €499

Import. Shopify to Odoo

Initial import from Shopify to Odoo

  • - Import products and product variants
  • - Import attributes and attribute values
  • - Import categories
  • - Import payment methods
  • - Import sale order statuses
  • - Import initial stock
  • - Import languages
  • - Import countries and states

Import orders from Shopify to Odoo

  • - Automatically import new customer orders from Shopify
  • - Automatically import customers and customer details
  • - Import taxes and tax groups (together with new orders)
  • - Import shipping methods (together with new orders)

Export. Odoo to Shopify

  • - Export and update products and product details
  • - Export and update product (qty on hand), price and images
  • - Publish or unpublish products to Shopify from Odoo
  • - Export tracking numbers

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