Oleg Kuryan
Financial Consultant, Project Coordinator
Dima Lipnitski
Solution Architect, Sales and Warehouse Expert
Vitaly Eremeev
Vitaly Eremeev
Product Owner of mERP and Ventor apps, Warehouse Consultant
Mikhail Mishutin
Project Manager, Purchase Management Expert
Vasili Puntus
Marketing Manager and Customer Care of mERP and Ventor apps
Nedas Zilinskas
Frontend Developer, Integration Specialist
Veronika Kotovich
Odoo Technical Expert
Grzegorz Leśkiewicz
Linux Administrator, Servers Uptime Geek
Timur Khakov
Android Developer, Hardware Integration Specialist
Viktor Anikienko
Integration Engineer & Developer, Auto-testing Ideologist
Vladislav Shepilov
Integration Engineer & Dev Ops, OpenSource Systems Ideologies
Mark Tushkevich
Android Developer

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