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Identify crucial roadblocks in your Odoo implementation, hindering expected benefits and receive clear solutions to propel your project forward

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Based in Europe, our company leverages over 10 years of Odoo experience with a team of 40+ engineers and 30+ functional experts. Having successfully implemented projects worldwide, 80% of our clients turn to us after facing challenges with Odoo. Does our offer resonate with your project? Let's conduct an Odoo audit and find the tailored solutions your business deserves.

Here’s where we can help

Budget Overruns

Constant budget exceedance.

Possible reasons
Lack of expertise to anticipate technical challenges, poor vendor performance, quality assurance issues, undervaluation of estimates to secure financing.

Data Migration and Structure

Inconsistent or poorly structured data, e.g., mess in product or contact data.

Possible reasons
Inaccurate data migration or cleansing, mapping or validation

Implementation Progress and Vendor Communication

Tasks are delayed or postponed.

Possible reasons
Complexity or vendor knowledge gaps, planning issues and change requests.

Communication with Odoo

Response times and useless advice, waste of money with Odoo success pack.

Possible reasons
Lack of proficient analysts and a reluctance to delve into the business, understand processes, and propose reliable third-party solutions; resistance to necessary customizations even when they are evidently needed.

Low Code Quality Issues

Challenging debugging, support, and maintenance processes, along with upgrades to the latest versions, compatibility issues.

Possible reasons
Inexperienced programmers from low-cost regions, a lack of code review and poor testing practices.

Unoptimized Business Workflows

Missed orders and goods, disorder in the warehouse, unaccounted products, long delivery times, thefts, and product expirations.

Possible reasons
Unreliable integration with 3rd party platforms, incorrect stock taking, lack of foolproof measures, unoptimized picking, and poor carrier integration.

Release Management

Delays, failed tests, crashes, data losses during releases, disruptions in sales and production.

Possible reasons
Poor release planning, issues with data management (backups and migration), infrastructure problems, and inadequate testing.

Infrastructure and Maintenance

Uncontrollable repository, risk of code loss.

Possible reasons
Unstructured repository management, insufficient backup procedures, and the absence of a disaster recovery plan.

Integration with Other Systems

Integration is too complex or expensive.

Possible reasons
Incorrect development approach, failure to reuse existing solutions, and a preference for customizations over configurations.

Odoo Performance Tuning

Slow work, freezes, loadings, and crashes.

Possible reasons
Hardware and server settings, inefficiencies in the database structure, low code quality, outdated software and excessive logging.

Digital Transformation Audit

Constant delays in Odoo implementation and dissatisfaction among users.

Possible reasons
Issues with the implementation team, flawed implementation processes, and inadequate training for internal users.

Security and Compliance

Data breaches, data loss, regulatory fines, intellectual property theft, reputation damage.

Possible reasons
Insufficient data protection, insecure apis, weak access controls, outdated software, insecure configuration, failure to monitor and respond.

Odoo Consultancy

Considering your strategic business development plans, our consultancy aims to guide you on harnessing Odoo's capabilities to effectively achieve your goals.

Guidance for Unresolved Odoo Issues

Pose any lingering questions about Odoo that you've hesitated to ask. We'll provide valuable feedback and insights to help you navigate the uncertainties.

Technical or Functional Advice

Have specific technical or functional questions about Odoo? We will provide tailored suggestions for each inquiry.

Recover control on your Odoo project

Schedule an audit with us today to uncover hidden opportunities and optimize your business processes

order odoo audit
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