Odoo Direct Print

Print any report or shipping labels directly to any remote or local (USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) printer, without downloading PDF or ZPL!

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The app connects Odoo to your PrintNode account and links all configured printers

Created by VentorTech, a Silver Odoo partner

This method allows you to print much faster as compared to the default Odoo printing method

You can print packing slips (PDF) on your regular A4 printer and shipping labels (ZPL) on any thermal Zebra printer, all at the same time

You can also configure automatic print while calling some action, for example, print a SO right after clicking the "Validate" button


Direct Print

Prints different document types (ZPL, PDF) on different printers without downloading files

OC and OE

Works with both Odoo Community and Enterprise (self-hosted or odoo.sh)

Automatic Print

For example, print a Sales Order PDF automatically after clicking on the “Confirm” button

Smart Validation

Prohibits printing documents on unsupported printers, e.g. A4 on A6 printers or PDF on ZPL printers

All Printers

Support of USB, Ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth printers; any format and manufacturer

All Reports

All kinds of reports (Sales orders, Delivery sleeps, Shipping and Product labels) and paper sizes

Fully Customized

We can customize the app on demand based on your requirements

User Configuration

Manage access rights and configure each printer individually per user

Avoid routine operations

Configure smart auto printing

Configure individual format for every report (needed for smart validation)

Define formats supported by printers

Assign default printer for any user for automatic printing

And set up additional user rules to print a certain document on a particular printer

Configure action buttons to trigger automatic printing

For example, print a Packing slip after clicking to “Validate” the transfer.

Print Shipping Labels manually or automatically

For Odoo Enterprise included Delivery Carries (FedEx, USPS, UPS, bpost and etc.). Also supporting all custom carrier integration modules for Odoo Community that are written according to Odoo Standards. And assign different label printers for every packing station (user)

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Mass printing of product labels

If your vendor supplies products with missed product labels (barcodes), you can easily print them during receiving in your warehouse (in any Stock Picking object). Or print them via the Products and Product variants menus. Including mass printing.

Define paper formats (needed for smart validation)

Manage access rights

Save time on print operations

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