Discovery phase (Odoo ROI analysis)

Everything starts with a detailed analysis

Starting with the discovery phase giving a clear understanding of the project's requirements, scope, and costs. This approach helps to make informed decisions and ensures the project aligns with your company's goals.

It also allows us to showcase the value of our solution through a proof of concept (POC), so you can see the benefits before committing to the full implementation:

    1. Installed Odoo ERP with necessary business apps: You'll have Odoo ERP installed, equipped with essential applications for testing.
    2. Proof of concept for your business workflow: A demonstration showcasing how Odoo integrates with your specific business requirements, highlighting its ability to manage your workflows effectively.
    3. Project vision (roadmap) and comprehensive scope of work: A detailed roadmap outlining the project's vision and a thorough scope of work will be provided, ensuring clarity on milestones and expectations.
    4. Detailed budget and estimated go-live timeline: A breakdown of costs and a timeline for going live will be provided, aiding in resource planning and setting realistic expectations.
    5. A rough estimate of total costs: In addition to the detailed budget, an initial estimate of overall costs will be provided, facilitating initial decision-making and financial planning.

We offer a fixed price package for analysis and initial implementation based on our experience.




2-6 weeks

What you will get
  • - Odoo ERP installed with necessary business apps
  • - Proof of concept for your business workflow
  • - Project vision (roadmap) and comprehensive scope of work
  • - Detailed budget and delivery timeline for going live
  • - Rough estimation of total costs

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