Odoo QuickBooks Online Connector

Sync Invoices, Payments, Taxes, between Odoo and QuickBooks Online (Intuit) automatically or manually

Odoo quickbooks intuit

The app connects Odoo and your QuickBooks Online (Intuit)

Created by VentorTech, an Official Odoo partner

Odoo quickbooks online

Import and Export your Invoices, Payments, Taxes, Partners, Products, Accounts, Payment Terms and Methods, Departments from Odoo to QuickBooks Online (Intuit) and vice versa. Also, you can send payment links directly from Odoo to your customers. This Odoo Intuit connector allows both manual and automatic sync (two way).


Two-way Import <> Export

Invoices, Payments, Partners, Products, Accounts, Taxes, etc.

Automatic and manual mode

Via postponed asynchronous jobs (UI is not blocked)

Multi-company support

Syncs data between Odoo multi-companies

Taxes synchronization

Get taxes from QuickBooks for Sales Orders

Export to QuickBooks

Customer invoices/credits, Vendor bills/refunds

Send Payment in one click

Easy way to send payment link to customer invoicer

Connect your Odoo and Intuit

And sync everything automatically

Get QuickBooks taxes to Odoo

Get taxes from QuickBooks by clicking one button. No need to manually select them. Once imported, you can apply them as a default. No Tax Cloud subscription is needed

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send payment link qbo odoo

Send a direct invoice payment link in Intuit to your customer by clicking a button in Odoo

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Export invoice from Odoo to QuickBooks

Export an invoice from Odoo Accounting to QuickBooks in just one click. Auto export also included

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qbo autoexport odoo

Sync automatically or manually. A variety of settings allows you to flexibly configure connector for your needs

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Sync Payments from QuickBooks to Odoo

Sync Payments from QuickBooks to Odoo and vice versa automatically and manually

QuickBooks → Odoo >
Odoo → QuickBooks >

Simplify your accountants routine

With an Intuit QuickBooks Online - Odoo integration from VentorTech

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