PrestaShop - Odoo

Always keep your stock and product information from Odoo up to date on the PrestaShop store. Automatically get orders from Presta to Odoo and deliver goods on time


The app connects Odoo and your PrestaShop online store

Created by VentorTech, a Silver Odoo partner

odoo prestashop connector

This connector synchronizes Odoo and your PrestaShop e-commerce site

Export products and your current inventory from Odoo, and get orders from PrestaShop e-commerce. Update order status and provide tracking numbers to your customers; all this automatically and instantly!

This module is compatible with PrestaShop and thirty bees


* Initial import to Odoo

Products, taxes, delivery and payment methods, languages

Export products and inventory

Product info and new products, current stock (Odoo → Presta)

Handling statuses. Odoo→Presta

Auto changing statuses of shipped orders, other statuses - manually

Tracking numbers

Export carrier tracking numbers of delivery orders to PrestaShop

* Multi shops

Works with similarly configured multiple shops (e.g. per countries)

PrestaShop and thirty bees

Compatible as with original Presta as with the fork "thirty bees"

* Requires additional analysis. Initial import and multi shops should be implemented with our help

Connect your Odoo and PrestaShop

And sync everything automatically

prestashop odoo

Import products (simple, kits and services), attributes, attribute values, categories, taxes, and delivery and payment methods from PrestaShop to Odoo

Requires additional analysis. Initial import should be executed with our help

Export products and current stock (quantity on hand) from Odoo to PrestaShop automatically

Get orders from your PrestaShop e-commerce store to your Odoo instantly after they are placed

Automatic updates of orders statuses in Presta along with carrier tracking numbers

Print shipping labels >

PrestaShop Odoo connector from VentorTech is compatible with original Presta, as with the fork "thirty bees"

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Process orders faster and deliver on time

With a PrestaShop Odoo bridge from VentorTech

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Please let us know your Odoo and PrestaShop (thirty bees) versions. Is an initial import required? Do you have one PrestaShop or multiple ones? Please send your links. Add any other information that can assist us in helping you.

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