Oleg Kuryan

  • Owns the company since 2012 (formerly Xpansa Group, now VentorTech)
  • Known as one of the best technicians in the Odoo world. Odoo’s source code is in his DNA.
  • 2013 – 2015 several times was invited to Odoo Belgium office to train Odoo partners
  • Permanently invited speaker at the biggest Odoo events (Odoo Experience, Odoo RoadShows)
  • Actively involved in the company’s life (strategy, change management, solving challenges appearing with company growth)
  • Obsessed with the idea of automation. Leading R&D department resulting in new great IT-solutions appearing on the market.

Other experience

  • Working in IT industry full time since 2006 (as technical and functional expert)
  • Leading IT teams (technical and non-technical) since 2007
  • Lots of experience with ERP systems covering different company sizes (Oracle, Odoo)
  • Co-founded 2 startups (since 2010) before ending up working in business automation. Having 3 publications in Life Science
  • Since 2012 focusing on business automation using Odoo ERP. Is recognized as well-known expert
  • Working with customers across the globe (mostly NA, EMEA)
  • Having huge experience in Finance (managerial accounting) and Supply Chain (Logistics, Inventory, Purchase)
  • Passionate about creating new IT products. Having high demands to product’s quality and level of customer support
  • Visioner and inventor in the VentorTech company

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