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Odoo Used-Tires

Motor Vehicle Manufacturing


Automotive, Retail, Wholesale, Warehousing


United States, Canada

Company size:

51-200 employees

Project budget:

$500K - $1M

Business Problem

This client had no good working warehouse management system that could be useful for every employee. Processes were not organized and automated, and it could take days to receive a shipment from the supplier and put all the items in the warehouse. Online sales were at a low level due to the inconvenient webshop.

Key Solution

We configured a set of integrated software solutions. The core is Odoo ERP, connected to accounting and warehouse systems, Magento webshop, delivery service providers, etc. Warehouse processes were automated and integrated with hardware. All used tires are processed via a special machine, which allows combining sets of similar tires and immediately adds them to webshop and eBay. Each warehouse worker has a personal assistant: a barcode scanner that leads him through daily operations.


After full automation of all warehouse processes, we managed to speed up the delivery time and put an end to the mess. A user-friendly web store brought new buyers. Sets of tires became the most popular purchase (there is no alternative on the market). The income has started to increase in nine months from the start of the project. Now they are ranked #1 in the United States.

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