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There are a lot of modules in Odoo world. Unfortunately, in most cases, end users, consultants and even professional ERP integrators have not had the time to test each of them to find the appropriate one. During the lengthy project implementation period, we tried a lot of useful and somewhat useful modules that can be used in many industries.

Regardless of the industry, we all want to have a simple and convenient ERP system. Sometimes a very simple and small change can make a world of difference. We would like to share our experience and show you 7 modules that can improve the UI and usability of your system. These modules are free and available in the Odoo OCA repository.

#1 Help employees take a picture for their accounts by themselves

Do half of your employees not have a picture on their accounts? Then, I recommend to use “hr_webcam” module. This module allows any employee to take a picture from their account using a webcam. Click on the button, take a photo, and save. As simple as that.

picture for accountsLinks to repository –
Technical name – hr_webcam

#2 Get access to the most popular items in one click

The module allows to check all frequently visited menus and categories. For example, if you only use 5 specific operations in Odoo majority of the time, (1) just mark it using the star, (2) open a list with shortcuts, and (3) get access to all marked points immediately.

employes tagsLinks to repository –
Technical name – web_shortcuts

#3 Last viewed page bar

The module allows to see links to last viewed pages in Odoo. The module looks like extended breadcrumbs. At any moment, you can return to the last visited page. This can save you a lot of time and help you navigate through pages quickly.

Last viewed page barLinks to repository –
Technical name – web_last_viewed_records

#4 Ribbon notification for any instance

This module allows to add a special red ribbon to mark the instance. The ribbon appears in the left top corner and can have any name. For example: Demo, UAT Server, Confidential etc. It’s very useful if you use more than one instance or record a video with a demo database. With this feature, you will not confuse the 5 Odoo systems you run simultaneously.

Ribbon notificationLinks to repository –
Technical name – web_environment_ribbon

#5 Full-width search bar

The simple module helps increase the width of the standard search panel. It must have a module especially if you use a lot of filters in your daily operations. Standard search bar with a lot of filters looks like a big sandwich . It can be a real pain to manage it using small laptop screens as well. But now you know what to do.

Links to repository –
Technical name – web_searchbar_full_width

#6 Change 1000 parameters in a few clicks

This is one of the best modules designed to save you time. The module allows to change almost any field/parameter (sales team, product category, tags, departments, etc.). In the module configurator, you can choose and predefine any model. Let’s imagine that we need to change a few fields in all leads you have:
Tags, Priority, Sales team, Stage and Next action.

Change 1000 parametersFirst, you need to create a mass editing rule. After the module has been installed, go to the settings, (1) find the mass editing menu and click create, then (2) choose the model (in our case is should be Lead/Opportunity), and (3) add all the fields that you want to change.

OpportunityIf you did all of this correctly, let’s go to the leads and see the results. (4) Select leads where you want to change the parameters, (5) click more and then Mass Editing. Afterwards, you will see the widget. (6) Finally, define parameters, click apply, and that is it. All fields that you have chosen have changed their value.

Please use this link – to watch a video if you didn’t understand some of the steps.

Links to repository –
Technical name – mass_editing

#7 Hide database manager link for more security

There is no such thing as too much security. The very simple module hides links on the database manager page. Now, no one can see the list of your databases. You will see “Powered by Odoo” and nothing else. Simple but efficient.

Login screenLinks to repository –
Technical name – web_hide_db_manager_link

We presented 7 simple but efficient Odoo UI and usability modules. Of course, there are a lot of other good ones, but we hope this review gives new users a starting point to investigate OCA solutions.

If you have favorite module(s), please add the link(s) in the comment section below. We will be glad to prepare a new review based on the recommendation of our partners and Odoo Guru.

Happy Odoo installation!

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