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Software Development


Software Development, Internet, Computer Software


🇺🇸 United States, Virginia, Fairfax

Company size:

2-10 employees

Project budget:

$100K - $500K

Business Problem

Since they provide B2B solutions for kitchen and bath businesses in the US, they required software that would be a core of whole business management.

Key Solution

We implemented Odoo ERP to manage sales, purchases, inventory, manufacturing, etc.; Ventor mobile app to manage inventory using handheld devices; and Odoo CRM native mobile app for iOS and Android.


Below are quotes from the customer:

“We’ve been working with Vitaly, Oleg, and his team at VentorTech for over four years by now. We’ve just had an incredible experience; they’ve been there every step of the way to help with this whole project from start to finish. We started our kick-off this year, and we’re just so excited with the results.

They have always helped us in every way, whether it’s in being creative and coming up with new ideas to solve solutions, things that we hadn’t even thought about before, and just making sure that the whole software was working. They always debug everything ahead of time to make sure that everything’s been tested to make our jobs a lot easier when we’re rolling out new platforms or new features of the software.

So if anybody’s ever considering working with them – if you want to contact me, feel free; we’re going to plan on working with them on future projects that we have in software. Anyway, I can say enough about them, that we’ve enjoyed working with them!

So, again: VentorTech has been a great asset for us and a big part of our success!”

Review on Clutch - clutch.co/profile/ventortech?_gl=1*mthtn6*_ga*OTQ4MzU5NDI5LjE2ODM4MTY4OTc.*_ga_D0WFGX8X3V*MTY4NjEzNzQzNC43LjEuMTY4NjEzNzY4NS41OS4wLjA.*_fplc*dVpTUEtHQWRPTVByNVhhQ0Z2WFVpRFhVRGpvWGxWRFNzNEtzZG16czFiaVdnTFhwRXpxbHJ2UGI4enVlazFTUVRzbTJRZlZTZ1d1aU9GQXoxJTJCdWtQdk92U25mVDVTYWRPVWFQYXRLYWtkUTZHWndoMFpkRlE1T2ZhZ1JtVEElM0QlM0Q.#review-2113052

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