Retail Office Equipment

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Retail Office Equipment


Electronics Manufacturing, Wholesale, Packaging & Containers, Food Production


🇫🇮 Finland, Hollola

Company size:

11-50 employees

Project budget:

$10K - $50K

Business Problem

There had been no transparency across this company in all departments. Hence for management, there was no possibility to make decisions or to transfer sales orders from one sales manager to another or from sales to the manufacturing department. As a result, companies depended too much on specific employees' knowledge, which is a huge risk for any business. Additionally, the company is working in the EU and non-EU countries, resulting in very strict requirements for cross-border transfers.

Key Solution 

Our key focus was on adapting accounting modules to match Finnish localization, improvements in repair management processes, and implementing gaps in the end-to-end process, from first contact (initiating sales through CRM) to purchase and manufacturing of ordered products with further deliveries to customers.


Owners can make data-driven decisions resulting in 3x growth with no need to hire additional employees. Strict management capability of each operation that we implemented allows management to delegate control of critical processes to their employees.

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