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Buy a Ventor license, and we will install a clear Odoo instance for free
or provide you with 2 hours of consultation services

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Purchase a year Ventor license from December 13th until Christmas and add your email address to the form

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    Ventor is the easiest way to connect any barcode scanner to Odoo

    Compatible with all barcode scanners; Odoo Community and Enterprise support

    What you will get

    A clean installation of Odoo 12

    1. You prepare a Server

      Tech specs of the server, allowing for 5 users:
      - 4 CPU
      - 4/8 GB of RAM
      - 50 GB of SSD for beginning enough
      - OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
      - Using the local hosting providers is preferred

    2. You provide SSH access

      Enable ‘Access to your server from External Network’

    3. We will install Odoo 12

      - We will create the initial configuration, including Security patches and updates, in a one-time setup
      - If we install the Enterprise version, we should have a license key

    Odoo Consultancy Services

    1. We will arrange a meeting

      We will respond to your initial request within one week (usually, it takes one business day)

    2. Professional 2-hour consultation

      Our Odoo expert will give you valuable advice on how to improve your system

    3. Other Details

      - Access to a Demo environment should be provided
      - The meeting will be scheduled to take place before February 1st, 2019
      - We prefer meeting by Skype
      - Your choice: one 2-hour meeting or two 1-hour meetings
      - Send us a question list in advance

    Complete warehouse operations in just a few clicks

    • Why should this offer interest me?

      If you have been coming across Ventor and Odoo as a solution for your shop or warehouse, it is time to start!

    • What will be my result?

      A clear Odoo instance (Community or Enterprise version) on your own server. Plus, a year license of Ventor to connect your barcode scanner to Odoo Inventory.

      After the initial configuration of your warehouse, you will be able to trace all movements of your goods with your barcode scanner only

    • May I apply for this offer if I already have Ventor licenses in use?

      This promotional offer is only for new Ventor application buyers. The offer is not applied for buyers who purchased a license before December 13th. You may purchase another license during the offer period, and then we will install a clean Odoo instance for you

    • Can you help me with migration of my old Odoo to a new version?

      Yes, we are happy to help you. We can also adjust our price for all specific cases

    • What is the Odoo Enterprise license cost?

      You may calculate the price on this page.

      For example, a standard configuration for 5 users with a few basic apps costs about €1200/year.

    • Can you guys take care of my WMS fully?

      Yes, we can help you automate your warehouse. You can read about our methods in this guide

    • Refunds

      We do not execute refunds for promotional offers.

      We provide a 7-day trial period for the Ventor application. You will be able to test it fully on your server before purchasing it. You can download your trial APK here.

      Please note that users who have purchased a license prior to December 13th cannot apply for the current promotion

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